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Australian Croatian Community Services (ACCS) supports senior citizens of the community who require assistance to remain living at home through individually tailored support services called 'Home Care Packages". There are four levels of Home Care packages, which are designed to provide the care required. Levels 1 and 2 are designed to help people with basic or low level care needs. Levels 3 and 4 help people with intermediate to high care needs.

Services are delivered using a Consumer Directed Care (CDC) approach, which gives the elderly person choice and flexibility in the way their care is provided. 


To receive a Home care package you need to be assessed as eligible by the Aged Care Assessment Services (ACAS). If you think you or someone you know would benefit from HCP, please contact your doctor, local hospital or My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 to arrange an ACAS assessment.

Once you have been assessed as eligible by the ACAS team and we have a package available, one of our Managers will sit down with you and your representative to develop a package that meets your care and support needs.


The range of care and services may vary according to the level of care and can include:
▪ Care services – Personal care, Activities of daily living, Nutrition and meal preparation, Health and wellbeing, Mobility
▪ Support services – Home help, Gardening, Transport, Home safety assessment, Home maintenance
▪ Clinical services - Access to other health services as needed
▪ Leisure interests and other activities – Community activities, Hobbies and lifestyle interests

Every person can design their own care plan according to their needs and preferences. Services will be tailored to assist the elderly person to maintain independence and continue to participate in activities which are important to them.


While the Government pays for the majority of your Aged Care fees, there is also a client fee component and your fees may vary according to your income and assets. For example, if you are on the basic pension, the maximum amount you would be asked to contribute is 17.5% of your pension.

ACCS manages the Home Care packages and funds, to ensure that services and support meet legislative requirements.
The elderly person has an individualized budget that shows how much funding is available and how the budget will be spent on their preferred services.

Expenses will include the cost of chosen services and equipment, contingency funds, ACCS administration and care coordination charges.

Please download Home Care Packages Brochure HERE.


ACCS encourages people to nominate an advocate of their choice. This may be a family member or an advocate may be accessed via the: Aged Rights Advocacy Service, Toll free number 1800 700 600.


ACCS welcomes comments and feedback regarding the services provided. The open and transparent feedback process encourages people to raise any concerns with ACCS in the first instance. If your problem is not resolved, there are other support options that you may wish to access. The Aged Care Complaints Scheme is a free and confidential service and can be contacted on 1800 550 552.