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Australian Croatian Community Services has been delivering Adult English and Literacy classes for over 15 years. The classes are funded by the Victorian Adult Community and Further Education.
Classes are interactive and various learning techniques are used. The classes range from general language skills to specific areas of employment including IT. All classes are delivered with the aim of increasing reading, writing and verbal skills. The purpose of the classes is it to increase opportunities for further education and employment pathways.
Classes are offered in the North Western, South Western and South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. As all classes are dependent on government funding from year to year, what will be offered and when, will also vary from year to year.

In 2014, the following classes were offered:

• Communication and Computers
• Introduction to Digital Literacy and Beyond
• English for Communication and Work


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Call Computer and Literacy Classes Coordinator on 9791 6000 if you need any assistance with your application.