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Our Vision

To be recognised as a leader in the area of service provision, social and cultural diversity and sustainable life of the target and broader communities

Our Mission

ACCS’ mission is to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate welfare services and programs. Our services and programs assess and address the needs of our target groups in a client centred manner..

Our Guiding principle

Excellence in service delivery through continuous improvement

Our Values

We uphold these core values and promote them in the community

Social Justice - We provide needed services and stand up for underrepresented community members.
Empowerment - We empower our clientele to experience better life.
Respect - We create an environment that promotes respect and fairness for all people (those we serve and those we work with).
Diversity - We celebrate, respect, and include all people from Victorian multicultural communities.
Integrity - We pursue honourable initiatives, and conduct business in a way that is honest, transparent and ethical.